Educator Appreciation Program

I believe the next generation is important, and I appreciate those individuals working hard to enable and empower our future. As a way to thank you for all that you do, I provide all employees and retired employees of educational institutions as well as their families a special offer when using my services to buy or sell a home.  Please let me assist you with one of the largest purchasing decisions that most of us ever make. I am happy to make that process easier, and to  thank you for all you do in support of our community.

For more information, please contact me or phone me at 512-423-2232.

  • Available to ALL active or retired educational institution employees
  • Applies to all Single Family Residential purchase and/or sell transactions
  • Assists my Clients with closing costs
  • Benefits the educational institution of your choice or program within that institution
  • Benefits extend to referrals from active or retired Employees as well

The Benefits

  • The Educator Appreciation Program helps pay closing costs
  • The Participant receives this contribution toward closing costs as part of the closing process
  • Amount of contribution is based on purchase price of the property
  • Additionally, the Educator Appreciation Program will donate $500 to the educational institution or institutional program of the participant’s choice

Program Specifics

Purchase Price Closing Cost Contribution Contribution to Insitution
< $200,000 $500 $500
$200,000 < $300,000 $1000 $500
$300,000 < $450,000 $1500 $500
$450,000+ $2000 $500

– Applies to active or retired employees as well as referrals from active or retired employees

– Limitations set by the institution may impact ability of Participant to choose how contributions to insitution may be used